Allows ANY business to create, store and submit professional bids.

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Designed specifically for the asphalt-repair and parking-lot maintenance contractors.

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Do you have unique bidding requirements? Let CUSTOM EZ-BID create a mobile app just for you.

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Easy steps to streamline your bidding... Manage YOUR bids/estimates and your Customer Pipeline.

1.) Enter Customer Information

2.) Create Customer Bid

3.) Preview/Edit Bid

4.) Email Customer Professional PDF Bid - View Sample PDF Bid

5.) Search & Manage Bids

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Business solutions created to save you time and money! What piece are you missing?

• Create, Modify, & Update your Bids 24/7 from your mobile device

• Text or Voice command entry with spell check

• Secured server stores all of your bids, using Microsoft Azure

• Set YOUR pricing and update anytime - make change orders in realtime

• Customized calculators for accuracy

• Company logo and contract upload features

• Estimator “Private Note” sections for recall of job details

• Capture photos on site with captions

• Export your customer contact information 24/7

• Instantly email your customized, professional bid to anyone at anytime!

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Want ultimate control over your bids? CUSTOM EZ-BID PRO is the answer!

CUSTOM EZ-BID PRO walks you through each step of the bid-creation process. By created custom BID TEMPLATES, you control not only the final look of the bid, but how the information for the bid is entered by your estimators.

When creating a new template, you have the option to add as many sections as needed. Sections are defined a Per Item, Measurement and Sub Contractor.

Once a BID TEMPLATE is created, it is immediately available to all of your estimators. Your template dictates which sections appear, what data can be modified or is automatically populated. You are in TOTAL control of your biding process!

Still not sure if CUSTOM EZ-BID PRO is right for you business? Contact our support team today to learn more about this time and money saving tool.

Ready to get started? (The EZ-BID App has a set-up and annual subscription fee for services.)


Are you an asphalt business? We have an app just for you!

CUSTOM EZ-BID is a service for asphalt-repair and parking-lot-maintenance contractors to create, store, and submit professional bids from their phone or mobile device.

We know the asphalt business. That is why we created CUSTOM EZ-BID. Contact our support team today to learn more about how it has helped our Asphalt business and how it can help yours.

Ready to get started? (The EZ-BID App has a set-up and annual subscription fee for services.)


Unique business requirements? We can help!

CUSTOM EZ-BID can work with you to create a mobile application customized to your exact business needs.

Our custom mobile apps use your company's branding and is delivered to your customers through the Apple App Store. We handle managing the backend and provide unprecedented support so you can focus on your business.

The EZ-BID App has a set-up and annual subscription fee for services.

Want to learn more about how CUSTOM EZ-BID can be customized for your business? Contact our support team today

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